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Help us create a place where our veterans, disabled individuals, and traumatized people can grow, heal, conserve, and survive by reconnecting with nature and learning essential skills.

Technology Promised
to Bring Us Together

But the Truth is

Our Society
is Falling Apart

The Problem is:

Poor Nutrition

Conventional farming practices do not incorporate replenishing the vital nutrients and minerals in the soil. These practices decrease the nutritional value of our food. Our energy level is dependent on what we eat. Humans cannot adequately function without the vitamins and minerals found in organic food. Even our reputable grocery stores feature a limited selection of organic products that leave much to be desired.


Conventional farming practices cause mass pollution. Greenhouse gas emissions are unnaturally warming our planet. Pesticides contaminate our water. Deforestation is extinguishing biodiversity. A massive carbon footprint has severe consequences. Our advanced technological resources are not maximizing the nutritional value of food or minimizing the space it takes to produce and transport it.

Low self-Esteem

America is experiencing a lethal pandemic – mental illness. Homelessness, unemployment, incarceration, abuse, and trauma statistics are at all-time highs. Without emotional security, men and women cannot find the will to build substantial lives. This stagnancy can result in depression and suicide.


There have been studies on bioengineered food ingredients that show they can cause cancer. Consuming high fructose corn syrup can lead to diabetes. The brands we grew up on and learned to love are the same brands that reinvest the millions of dollars they have made into feeding us toxins.

Our Solution:

To build local, organic, cooperative farms

Free Life Tree Life farms could give veterans, disabled individuals, and mentally traumatized people a chance to build something substantial while making valuable, rewarding contributions to our society. This may help give them a sense of self-worth.

Reconnecting with Nature
is the Key to Our Recovery

Our plan is to create a farming community for disadvantaged peoples.

We can teach the disabled and traumatized invaluable farming and survival skills.

This will give people a chance to live simpler lives more in line with their limitations.

Your investment will propel an organic food network & You will be the beneficiary.

Your contribution will help feed those in need, develop sustainable, local food sources, and provide you with lifelong access to high-quality crops.

Limited-Time Offer

Get a lifetime membership with a donation of just $25

This Includes:

  • 10% off of all fresh produce, meats & foods made, grown, or raised on Free Life Tree Life farms

  • First pick options for investing in profit-sharing farmland

  • 1 free consultation for a DIY home project (i.e. koi fishpond, compost pile, rainwater collection system, raised garden bed, chicken coop, etc.)

  • Subscription to newsletters with valuable homesteading, survival, and conservation manuals

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