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More and more people are realizing it's necessary to grow your own food

Recent events have unveiled the unreliability of stock at the grocery store. We want to restore people’s ability to feed themselves.

It all starts with a seed.

Click the seed to learn how to germinate in the best mediums.

We're releasing all the best kept secrets of organic living!

Farming used to be second nature for us. Since the Industrial Revolution, the skills of agriculture have become lost and forgotten to most Americans. You can find the informational resources you need to harvest abundance here.


Start seeds.


Grow big.


Harvest high-quality.


Gain and give back.


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You can provide for yourself, your family, your neighbors, and friends. Organic food still has a negative impact on the planet when it’s shipped from far away. Go loco for local!


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Are you composting yet?

Composting is a great first step toward self-reliance and self-production. Collect a substantial base of green (nitrogen-rich) and brown (carbon-rich) materials (i.e. grass clippings and used grounds from your local coffee shop and dead leaves, shredded paper, and cardboard). Mix them together in a large bucket outside. Begin collecting brown and green food waste in a container in your kitchen, cutting it up into 1-2 inch pieces, and adding it to your bin.

5 Pro-Tips

Put onion and garlic waste in a bucket outside to dry before adding it to your compost to eliminate odor and make it edible for worms.

Don’t add citrus. The main chemicals in citrus kill worms and other important microorganisms, and these microorganisms are required for the breakdown of compostable materials

Don’t put anything that could possibly germinate in your compost. 

Before adding eggshells to your bin, bake them at 350°F for 30 minutes and blend them into a powder with a small amount of water.

Kickstart the decomposition process by adding a molasses-water mixture or urine.

Ideal Green-to-Brown Ratios

(from Pet Poo Skiddoo blog)

It's easier than ever to sustain yourself in 2023, but most of us still rely on the world. Free Yourself!

Sunlight, nutrients, water, fresh air, space to develop, and love:
That’s all we need to grow.
Start your journey today.

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